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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Has high tech killed pro photography?

From the BBC

"There seem to be cameras in everything nowadays: phones, iPads, computers, even young children's toys.
And if you want to tidy it up or create some special effect, you can do that too with the software that's around, such as Instagram which has just been bought by Facebook for $1bn.
So where does this all leave the professional photographer?
Eamonn McCabe, a portrait photographer, said that everyone is a photographer but "there will always be room for the professional, maybe not so many of us."
Technology writer Aleks Krotoski, said that while there is undoubtedly a place for professional photographers, "all content creation is experiencing an upheaval because of the web".
Eamonn McCabe said "we are all getting very lazy" when it comes to taking photographs but cameras on mobile phones were invaluable for sourcing photographs during an event such as the 7/7 bombings."

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